30 Days of Yoga//Week 3

Week 3 down, one more to go! I am so proud of myself making it this far, I've been so committed to this challenge and I'm excited to finish it off to the end! I will say I've been noticing a lot of benefits just from doing 21 days, my flexibility in my legs has improved immensely and another area has improved that I did not expect, my neck. I've come to realize, I carry A LOT of stress in my neck and it took this week to make me realize that I really need to work on that. This week had a lot of neck exercises, stretching out the back of it and just being able to draw circles with your nose and that was incredibly challenging for me. I started to notice the one side of my neck was incredibly stiff and it would actually be painful just to turn it to one side, I started to massage it after practice and just get a better feel for what's going on there and I found so many knots. I couldn't believe it, I thought my neck was in pretty good shape and felt I had some flexibility however I could not be further from wrong. As I'm sitting here typing I'm doing neck exercises and finding it difficult to turn my neck to the right. This past week has really made me tune in to my body and find what's bothering me, what do I need to bring attention to? Most of the time, we care more about others and tend to neglect our own health and well-being, it's incredibly important to take out some time (even for only 30 mins) just to check in with yourself, be mindful. Before you can help and take care of others, you need to take care of yourself 🤗.

The quality or state of being conscious and/or aware of something

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