9 Ways to Quarantine Valentines Day

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Valentine's day this year will be a little different due to the pandemic, which is crazy to think about that we've been dealing with this for almost a year now. With the new president elect, we are more than likely looking at another much needed lockdown and quarantine-however what does this mean for Valentine's day? Celebrating this holiday at home may be a big possibility, so we need to plan ahead and make this holiday as fun and romantic as a night on the town.

1. Dinner at Home

You can either order in from a nice restaurant (depending on your area) or you can grocery shop for a romantic meal. You can either cook together and make it a fun experience, open a bottle of wine and have fun with it, or you can make it a surprise for your significant other. I'll also let you in on a little secret, after several weeks of researching my husband and I have found studies that say oysters are not sentient (do not have a brain), therefore they cannot feel anything-so they're technically vegan. They're also an aphrodisiac ;)

2. Write Love Letters

We're in the digital age, so the time of writing letters is pretty much over, however there is nothing more romantic than writing your significant other a letter. Being able to pour out your thoughts and feelings strengthens your bond more so than any store bought card, for it comes from your own heart as opposed to a message you can read anywhere.

3. Pick Flowers

You can either go to your local grocer or florist and order them, or if you live by wildlife you can go pick some wildflowers. To take the extra step, you can lay flower petals on the bed to make it more romantic.

4. Draw A Bath

This past year has been tough on everyone and stress levels have skyrocketed, and what better way to lower stress than with a nice bath. Local grocers such as Target have great bath salts that help with muscle tension or you can look for soap bubbles and make a bubble bath 🛀

5. Play Games

You could either play some fun board games such as Clue or Guess Who, or you can play a couples treasure hunt. Etsy and Amazon have some great options for pre-made treasure hunt games, or you can make your own up.

6. Fire

This could be taken literally or figuratively, but you can actively light a fire between you and your significant other by lighting a fire in your fireplace (if you have one). Nothing beats a cozy fire as you're snuggled up with your loved one and a bottle of wine. If you don't have a fireplace, that's okay you can pull one up on your phone and cast it to your tv and either set the heat up in your home or grab a mini heater and set it up by your feet.

7. Box of Chocolates

Nothing is more true than when Forrest Gump explained to us that "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get" and another thing we know is how romantic a box of chocolates is, especially when they're in the heart shaped box. A box of chocolates is one of the biggest symbols of love during Valentine's day. I have another surprise for all you vegans out there, dark chocolate (70-80%) is usually made without milk, it's just made from the cacao bean (certain brands do make it with milk so be sure to double check on ingredients).

8. Decorate

Christmas is the big kahuna holiday that everyone decorates for, even people who don't celebrate Christmas decorate their home with winter decor. To get more into the Valentine's spirit, you can decorate your home with either balloons, garlands, or flowers. The smallest items really make a difference to brighten up your space and bring you in to the holiday spirit.

9. Netflix & Chill

Nothing comes quite as close to a nice romantic night out on the town for date night than Netflix & chill. It's become so popular that it's now a trend term:

"What do you want to do tonight?"

"I don't some Netflix and just chill."

With Covid-19 still occurring and more and more people are either laid off or have to work from home, binge watching tv has become even more common. It's not as conventional, but cuddling up with your loved one on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn, a bottle of wine, and the movie Valentine's Day: that makes a great date night, especially for this holiday.

If you're hometown/city is not going through lockdown or quarantine and if you are planning on going out, you could still use these ideas the days leading up to Valentine's to make it more romantic and make Valentine's a month long holiday.

I hope you're all safe and well and that you have a romantic as hell holiday, as always peace and love 🕊🤍

Where there is love, there is life.
Mahatma Gandhi

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