A Review of 30 days of Yoga// Week 1

This week marks week 1 of my 30 day of yoga challenge and I thought I'd take the time to reflect on how I feel mentally, physically, and spiritually. With working full time and wanting to add in an extra work out, I started to wake up at 5a every morning and start my day off positively with yoga (which was great practice for the upcoming work weeks when I go in an hour early). The workouts I've been doing are through YouTuber Adriene Mishler and her channel "Yoga with Adriene" who has developed single yoga workouts as well as 30 day yoga workouts. My husband and I decided to try her latest 30 day workout challenge "Home" and it's such a relaxing, yet challenging workout. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to try Adriene's yoga workouts, she has such a relaxing presence while still being personable and throwing in a pun or two with her chilled dog Benji hanging out alongside her. Her space in which she practices and films her yoga videos is so calm and relaxing and puts your mind at ease keeping you more in the zone of your practice and bringing you back for more.

I won't lie, even with loving and being fully engaged with Adriene's workouts, it was incredibly hard waking up at 5a every morning to do her workouts. The alarm would go off and every part of me wanted to hit that snooze button, but I knew that I would feel so much better afterwards and for the whole day if I got in my workout and guess what...I was right. I can honestly say, something about getting up early makes you feel so accomplished and energized (which is weird since I feel like death half the time when I first wake up). A lot of the workouts this week were low key to prepare us for the upcoming weeks ahead primarily focusing on mindfulness and breathing. How do you feel? Do you notice your body clenching in any particular area? How is your breath? Channel your energy with the flow of your breath. I think starting off practicing mindfulness and breath are a great starter for anyone interested in starting yoga for that's primarily the basis of yoga and what it stands for. If you are thinking of starting yoga, I highly recommend starting it with "Yoga with Adriene". I must say, practicing these techniques in week 1 has helped me with my stress levels before starting the day, increasing my flexibility, while helping me feel more relaxed and calm. I can't wait to see what lies in store for the following weeks!

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