A Review of 30 Days of Yoga//Week 2

Well I completed week 2, I'm half way through my challenge and I am so proud of myself for keeping it up! Honestly I can't believe how quick and easy this challenge is going, I was nervous it was going to be too hard with working full time with new summer hours but if you set aside the time to do it, you would be surprised at how much you can get accomplished. My hours used to be 8-5p, now Tues-Thurs I work 7-5p and 7-12p on Fridays. Am I stoked that I get off early on Friday's for the summer months, ABSOLUTELY. Is it harder to keep up with my challenge along with working longer hours three days per week, ABSOLUTELY. If you set aside the time for yourself, can you get it accomplished, ABSOLUTELY. If anything this week has proven to me is exactly that, set aside the time you can and will accomplish your dreams and goals.

Now, time to start talking about the practices, this week was a little more challenging and active than last week. At first it started off slower and more calm and by day 10, new moves were being introduced that really tested my flexibility. One of the harder moves that was introduced on Day 11- Dig was crow and man is that TOUGH. Last year, I would go to hot yoga class twice per week which gave me ample time to practice this particular move however I haven't been as dedicated as I should have been before this challenge and I was on the struggle bus trying to set it up. Even with the struggle, I know overtime I'll perfect this move again. Now, I feel even more challenging moves will be coming my way and I'm so excited. Bring it on!

Do you have any moves in yoga you struggle with in particular? I'd love to know in the comment section below! 👇

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