All I Want For Christmas Is....

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When we were kids, we all wrote letters to Santa with all of our wants and desires for Christmas, and they magically appeared underneath the glowing Christmas tree. As we've grown, how many times have people come up to us and asked what we wanted for Christmas and we found there would be no surprises on Christmas morning? Now to be fair, we all want to make sure we buy something our loved ones will want and I'm not at all bashing people who ask others what they would like for Christmas. Sometimes, I think we lose sight and we simply ask what people would like as opposed to taking the time and thinking about what they would like. This week, I wanted to give you a list of 45 ideas that you could get for your friends and loved ones if you find yourself in a slump.

-Skincare gift set (ex: Tatcha)

-Virtual concert tickets (depending on if band/artist offering them)

-Virtual stand up comedy tickets (if comedian is offering them)

-Smart watch (track fitness)

-Essential oils




-Bath bombs

-Spa membership

-Wine club membership

-Gift cards

-Pet portrait

-Dryer balls




-Foot spa

-Christmas gift baskets (hot chocolate, candies, socks, lotion, etc)

-Weekend getaway

-Shave kit

-Cooking set

-Air fryer

-Mixing bowl

-Food processor


-Rice maker

-Holiday decorations (Christmas ornaments <first ornament>, holiday themed blankets, etc)

-Donation in persons name

-Antique gift (mirror, jewelry)

-DIY gift (homemade cleanser)

-Reusable beauty products (cotton rounds)

-Cute/designed masks



-Camera Tripod

-Light fixtures


-Nintendo Switch & games

-Game chair


-Assorted coffees and teas

-Have a tree planted (in their name)

-Sponsor a rescue animal (in their name)

-Heated blanket

Christmas isn't a season. It's a feeling.
Edna Ferber

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