Many of you who know me well (family and close friends) know I have a strong affinity for lady bugs and you're probably wondering why I didn't use lady bugs for my brand. As much as I love lady bugs, I also love bumble bees and am a big proponent for re-building the population. Speaking of which, unless you've been avoiding the news and social media, the awful murder hornets have made their way to America in Washington and are starting to spread. Truth be told, to me this feels like we're going through the plagues of Egypt, first disease and now murder hornets 😶. What makes these hornets the WORST is they're starting to kill off the bee population in the most gruesome way possible, they rip off their heads 😱. Bees are incredibly important to our ecosystem for they help pollinate plant life. For those of you who are not entirely sure what pollination means (I used to always get confused by this too), it refers to when pollen from a male plant is moved to a female plant, helps fertilize, and eventually reproduces. What? Male and female plants reproducing? Yupp, male and female plants reproduce! Carriers for pollen from plant to plant are wind and, you guessed it, bees! Bees are helping keep this Earth as green and beautiful as it is!

Another amazing fact about bees is the health benefits they give. Honey bees in particular produce honey which is a potential allergy reliever. According to the Mayo Clinic, honey holds traces of pollen, which is an allergen, and one treatment for allergies is exposure to it in small amounts (1). Another thing that comes from bees that personally helps me with my allergies is bee pollen. " eat bee pollen?" Yes I eat bee pollen and I love it! On top of tackling my allergies, bee pollen does have several other health properties such as: antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-viral (which is amazing for what we're currently going through) (2).You can find it in your local health food store or you can order it on Amazon. I like to put a teaspoon of it on my yogurt with some mixed berries or you can put it in your protein shake.

So how can we help? Well, supporting local bee keepers is the simplest and easiest way! Sometimes, bee keepers will harvest the honey and sell it at local farmers markets. This is a fun way to help support bee keepers keep their bees, plus local honey is much more delicious in my opinion. What better way to shop than to shop local? Another option is the make your own garden full of plants that attract bees such as herbs (mint and rosemary), lavendar, foxglove, and any native plants in your state. To make your garden even more effective at attracting bees, please don't spray pesticides for it's incredibly toxic to bees (hence the goal of pesticides-kill the "pests").

I hope this was helpful and you may have learned a thing or two about bees. Please, let's help these little guys out and pray these awful hornets go away!

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