Black Friday: Yay or Nay?

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Every year, millions of people stay up incredibly late or wake up from their Thanksgiving nap and take to the shopping malls and stores on one of the biggest sales of the year: Black Friday. Due to Covid-19 with cases still increasing as opposed to decreasing, there is question if Black Friday will be happening this year. Personally, I've never been a big Black Friday shopper, I've only gone once and it was at a Wal-Mart. I never thought the foot traffic could be any worse until I went that day. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE shopping and I love great deals on items (I almost always go straight to the sale or clearance section, especially with designer brands) and I'm not writing this post to either stop you from going Black Friday shopping or to make you feel bad for wanting to go this year, however as a Public Health professional I wanted to discuss this topic and suggest other options to do on Black Friday as opposed to shopping.

Cyber Monday

Just because it's online ordering, doesn't mean the sales are not in effect. This year, take advantage of Cyber Monday, which holds the exact same sales as Black Friday AND you can socially distance by shopping in the comfort of your own home. One big brand that I know is offering Black Friday sales is Shein. They have super cute clothes that are true to size and are generally at affordable prices so their Black Friday sales should be amazing! Another option is to check out Etsy or other artists and support their small business by purchasing Christmas presents from them.


Some people prefer to decorate for Christmas right after Halloween and some people prefer to decorate once Thanksgiving is over. I am a part of the latter group, I like to savor fall as much as I can before the winter comes. I'm not saying decorating for Christmas right after Halloween is wrong, I feel that if you want to decorate when you want go for it (especially this year). Nothing is more special than decorating for Christmas with your family, especially when snow starts to fall.

Christmas Tree Farm

Another option this year, if you live in an area with the resources, is go Christmas tree shopping. Growing up, we would go out every year after Thanksgiving to a Christmas tree farm and find our perfect tree. Once we would cut it down and drive back home, we would start to decorate it with Christmas carols on, eating cookies, and drinking some hot chocolate.

Movie Marathon

Right after Thanksgiving is the perfect time to break out your Christmas movies, snuggle up on the couch with some popcorn, and have a marathon with your family! Grab some of the classics such as Rudolph and Frosty or watch some of the greats like It's a Wonderful Life.

Overall, whether you still want to participate in Black Friday sales if they're still happening is completely up to you. I believe that no one should be criticized if they want to participate in Black Friday or not, and if you want to go out shopping just be sure to grab your mask 😊 For those of you who may be too nervous to go out, that's okay too, you can give one or all of the above ideas a try. I wish everyone good tidings and a healthy and happy Christmas. As always peace and love 🕊🤍

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