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Well, I feel I cannot start my blog without talking about the elephant in the room. COVID-19, what the hell is that? Well, I guess you could say the word itself is the fancy scientific way of referring to the Coronavirus. Don’t worry, you are not alone in feeling scared, alone, and isolated. I just moved to a new town in November, barely know anyone, and all I want to do right now is explore all of the area including the wineries, breweries, parks, and hiking trails; which by the way are all of my favorite things.

So, what exactly is this virus, what caused it, and how can we ourselves deal with it? Well, from what I’ve researched and read/heard from credible sources, this virus has appeared to come from bats. What exactly happened and who was patient zero, I do not know. This virus appears to be some form of mutation of the flu/cold and pneumonia and currently, there is no cure for this disease. On the bright side, scientists and health professionals are working incredibly hard and are getting close to a vaccine!

I won’t go into much detail about the virus itself, for I am not an expert and have not gone into a deep dive research on it. I would like to talk about how you, the audience, are handling it? I don’t think there’s a certain guidebook on how to handle a situation like this, mainly because nothing like this has ever happened before. I’ve heard this being described as the biggest emotional tragedy we have faced since 9/11. I don’t know if I would describe it like that, but it is a travesty; people are afraid to leave their homes, unemployment has skyrocketed and hasn’t been this high since 2008, and toilet paper has become the golden egg of the grocery store. I honestly never imagined anything like this could ever happen, only in the apocalyptic movies. This begs the question—how did it come to this? Was it due to no proper health programs put in place at the time? Is it due to the administration wanting to keep the market open for the economy and not taking the proper measures at the very beginning? I honestly can’t say, and I am not looking to start an argument or a debate. This has become so political; the liberals didn’t do this and the republicans didn’t do that. Why can’t we all just put on our big girl and big boy pants and admit we have made a mistake and we need to come together to fix it? I can go on forever about political issues, however that is not the topic of today’s discussion. What I really want to know is how are you all handling it?

I’ve been catching up on so much T.V. lately, lots of movie marathons and new shows. Yesterday, I spent the entire day watching The Tiger King on Netflix and if you haven’t watched it, I would first research the story to see if you would be able to watch it. I’ve seen this on social media that now is the time to start new things and release your creativity. I 100% agree that now is the time to tackle that home project, try that hobby that you’ve been dying to do for years, cook/bake that recipe you’ve been eyeing at, and attempt/practice that envied yoga pose. However, if you want to watch that new T.V. show or start that movie marathon, you go for it! I’ve been able to find a happy medium by incorporating it all; I’ve done at least three movie marathons, started that T.V. show I’ve been dying to watch--Sex & the City (I love 90’s T.V.), started reading a new book (which I haven’t done in so long), my husband and I tackled that home project and seeded the backyard (which currently is all mud), and I’ve made my first ever power protein balls (super good and super healthy—let me know if you would like the recipe 😉)!

Speaking of grocery stores, they are currently what is keeping this country beating economically. They don’t have the option to stay home for people always require food. They worry about spreading the disease to their infant child back at home or their elderly parents/grandparents. The next time you go to the grocery store, please thank your grocer checking out your groceries, the grocer who assists you where the bread was moved to, and the grocer who prepares your sliced deli. Recently I’ve been hearing stories that grocers are getting yelled at by people in the stores, friends of mine who work in grocery stores are stressed more than ever. This makes me incredibly sad to hear, I understand we’re all stressed out and words slip, however please be mindful for grocery store employees don’t have the opportunity to start that new home project or start focusing on their health.

Another group of people we need to thank is the healthcare workers who are on the front lines of this pandemic. For all of you reading this, and not reading this, who are on the front lines I thank you for your service. For all of you who have family members and loved ones who are doctors or nurses and have not been able to see them for so long due to having to work double shifts at the hospital, my prayers and thoughts are with you and I thank you for your service in being by their side and supporting them.

Lastly, and I was just enlightened about this today by a friend of mine, there is one group of people who have not received any spotlight appreciation on social media or in the news (as far as I know of). Please thank your local janitor, whether it’s in your hotel building that you’re confined in or the one in the hospital you’re working in. They’re working extra hard to keep everything extra clean and kill any bacteria so we can start enjoying life again.

This is definitely one of the worst of times regarding Charles Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities, however I know we will be able to get through this literally and emotionally. How long will this last? I honestly don’t know, at first we were on a two-week quarantine and now it appears that people are either working from home or are unemployed until April and need to file for unemployment.

For those of you who are reading this that are seniors in high school, this is your graduation year. You’re about to start the next chapter in your life, go on spring break to celebrate, enjoy your last prom with your super-hot date, go to graduation practice, and then the big day: graduation day. I remember when I graduated high school, the senior class got out of school almost a month early, we had graduation practice the day or two before, and then we graduated on I believe a Saturday night. My parents threw a party for me and my boyfriend after the ceremony and then my boyfriend and I went with our group of friends to see The Dark Knight Rises (best Batman franchise in my opinion). Looking back, I honestly can’t imagine having my graduation day taken away from me due to a communicable disease. What do you do? How can you celebrate? I’ve never personally been in this situation, but for those of you who currently are I will say this: I would take the pictures, make it a happy memory. Sure, there might not be as big of a party and your friends may not be able to celebrate with you, but you know who is: your family. Take pictures, maybe even make a joke of it to make it a happier memory. Roll up a piece of parchment or parchment paper and pretend it’s a diploma. If you can, maybe order a cake delivery from your local baker to help support local businesses. Crack open that saved bottle of champagne (that is if your parents allow it since you’re below the legal age—I am not endorsing underage drinking!). Find those leftover streamers from a previous birthday party or shower and string them up. Watch a movie together or play a game. Spend the whole night in front of a fire outside or curled up on the couch talking with your loved ones. Yes, it may not be what you expected; however, life is full of the unexpected and we must learn to roll with the punches.

Overall, let’s not allow this bump in the road ruin our lives. We can’t allow this disease to beat our spirits, we are going to overcome this. Pick up that book you’ve been dying to read, start on that project you’ve been putting off for years, enroll in that online class that caught your eye, begin watching that T.V. show everyone you know has been talking about. Give yourself some good TLC, dig out those face masks you bought and forgot about, have your own mani/pedi, take a nice long bubble bath with a cooling glass of white, schedule a zoom/facetime ladies night or family night.

I would love to learn how you all are coping with this, please shoot me an email or comment below what you’ve been doing. We can all share new ideas and cope together.

Thank God for social media; even when we feel most alone and isolated, we can still feel connected.

Love you all you beautiful people and take care!

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts

Eleanor Roosevelt

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