Driving Back to The Drive-In

Who misses the movies as much as I do? Going to the theater is one of my favorite things to do, I would go at least once a week to every other week either by myself or with a friend (majority of the time it was by myself). Now, I'm seeing a lot of movie theaters in trouble as they're still under shutdown during this pandemic. As my husband and I were driving to visit my parents house a couple of weeks ago, we drove by the local movie theater which is normally jam packed on a Friday night and it was completely deserted. I couldn't believe it, I've never seen any movie theater empty on a Friday night, it almost felt as if the apocalypse had truly begun. It really made me realize how much I missed the pre-corona world, especially going to the movies and what will happen to our world of cinema. Will movies automatically start going to stream? Will movie theaters start to close due to stream? Will Netflix original movies start to dwindle due to mega motion pictures being thrown into stream? Aaaghh this is like one of my worst nightmares! With those worries in mind, there is one glimmer of hope that comes to my mind: the comeback of drive-in theaters.

I recently went to the drive in for my first time in over five years and the experience is so much different than your typical Regal. Don't get me wrong, I love and miss Regal (however not as much as I love and miss The Alamo!), there's just something about the drive-in that's more romanticized than the theater.

Your Space

The one thing I really love about the drive-in over a movie theater is the ability to bring the comfort of your own home. A lot of movie theaters now have the reclined seats however there are the seldom few that still have those uncomfortable straight back chairs. Going to the drive in enables you to make your experience feel more at home by bringing a blanket and pillows to lay out on or by decking out the trunk of your car whatever you choose and make it a comfortable lounge area as you watch the movie.

Meet & Greet

Another great factor about drive-ins is it's a more personable experience than a movie theater in that usually you show up 1-2 hours before showtime so that you can get a good spot and in doing so, you meet and talk to new people that are parked next to you. This gives you the opportunity to strike a conversation with your fellow neighbor, maybe make new friends that become your new go-to couple for double date night. We've become a society that's afraid to talk to other people, we're so attached to our devices and communicate with others electronically that we forgot how to verbally communicate with others. We should take this opportunity by going to local drive-ins not only to support your local and small businesses, however to meet new people who are going through the same experience as you are.

Wild Summer Nights

Honestly, what beats being outside on a cool summer night? Don't worry, I'll speak for you, nothing. Summer is the time for smore's in front of a campfire, going out on your boat or kayak on the lake/beach, and going to your local drive-in. Hanging out in your comfortable little nook in the trunk with the smell of popcorn and ice cream wafting your way, kids out running around before the movie starts, and parents hanging out with other fellow parents getting a bit of a breather with some adult conversation.

If anything comes from this pandemic, I really hope that it makes us realize how important local and small businesses are. They're the businesses who are going to be in the most trouble and they really need our help. If there's a local farmer's market near by, please go check it out; a hole in the wall restaurant that used to be completely packed on a Friday night, order in and give a tip; a drive-in movie theater that's throwing a classics weekend, buy a ticket. I hope you all stay safe and well, peace and love always💕

The cinema has no boundary; it is a ribbon of a dream
Orson Welles
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