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I've told you all my name, however I have not properly introduced myself-how rude of me!

Hi, my name is Aislinn, I'm from Pennsylvania and my favorite color is purple and I love swimming. Okay ice breaker, now your turn, go!

Just kidding ;) But seriously, I am from Pennsylvania and my favorite color is purple. I won't bore you with all the details from my life however I will tell you some, for I feel if you are interested in hearing/reading what I have to say you should at least know a little background about me.

First off, yes, I grew up in Pennsylvania however that’s not where I was born. I was actually born in Fairfax, VA and moved around quite a bit before settling down into the house I grew up in. I lived in West Virginia, and it wasn’t bad in the way that people normally think of West Virginia, but bad in the way that we lived far from civilization-we had almost no neighbors (which made it feel almost cabin in the woods-esque), and there were bugs EVERYWHERE. Let me explain, when I say everywhere, I mean…EVERYWHERE. There were bugs flying around outside the house, which is fine given it was in the woods, but then you walked inside. There were bug carcasses in the creases of the stairs, in the windowsills, on the floor, EVERYWHERE. My mother, a Brooklyn born New Jersey gal was, to say the least, mortified. Almost as soon as we moved in, we were getting ready to put the house back on the market. After we sold the house, we moved to Pennsylvania where we lived in a triplex. Money was tight at the time after buying a house and having to sell it within a year, however we didn’t mind for we all had each other. We lived in the triplex for a year or two then moved into my childhood home. My parents still live there to this day and I always feel an incredible rush of nostalgia every time I go visit. Once you move out of the town you’ve been dying to leave, you really come to appreciate where you grow up and almost never want to leave when you visit.

Okay, I’m getting sidetracked!

I went to three different school districts, which growing up is incredibly hard to have to meet new people in a new town every couple of years (I guess that’s why now I’m so good at meeting and talking to new people). I went to a Catholic elementary school for my first six years and the only middle school in town is a public middle school. My parents valued our religious faith and wanted to keep me in the Catholic school system, so they sent me to a Catholic middle school in Maryland. *Quick side note before I go any further* it sounds like I was sent to some boarding school hours away from home, I can assure you this was not the case. I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania that's five minutes away from Maryland, my house was basically right on the border. The running joke in town is that people essentially become boot leggers just to grab some late-night booze that Pennsylvania liquor stores don’t stay up for.

Back to my original thought, I went to a Catholic middle school in Maryland for two years. It was a new town with new people, least to say I was incredibly nervous. I made a couple of friends; we were a big group who did everything together. We were thick as thieves for those two years in seventh and eighth grade, and then I started going back to school in my hometown when I entered high school and we all went our separate ways.

Oh boy, high school. Alone it’s already tough, try having to switch school districts twice, be enrolled in a Catholic school system for eight years, then start public high school. It was a whole different group of people. Actually, let me stop there. I am not at all implying that public school is a bad system with bad people. I met and made amazing friends in high school who some I still talk to this day. I was incredibly sheltered during my Catholic school days and did not know a lot of, shall we say, different innuendos and jokes. I think you can take guesses as to what I'm talking about. I felt so out of place, part of me was upset that my parents didn't send me to public middle school, which was right down the street from my house as opposed to having to get up at 5am every day to take a 40 minute bus ride to school (I'm not bitter at all about it).

To make it worse, puberty usually hits middle school into high school so my freshman and sophomore year I had a lot of acne, frizzy hair, and didn’t feel good about myself at all (there are further reasons for that however that story is for another time). Junior year things started to change. I guess, one could say, it was my turn to become the swan. My skin was starting to clear up, my hair started to behave, and I started to look more womanly. Again, I did take things into my own hands to make myself look better on the outside, but I will get back to that at another time.

Senior year things were amazing, I started to date a cute guy, I had a great group of friends to hang out with, and I was applying for college. I was accepted into West Chester University of Pennsylvania and went in with a goal of obtaining a B.S. Degree in Nutrition however that would be changed sophomore year to a B.S. Degree in Public Health: Health Promotion with a minor in Nutrition Studies (too much chemistry for me :P). I made amazing friends who would become to be my closest and best friends and still talk to this day. College had some of the best days of my life, however there were some not so great days and one not so great year (another time).

I graduated college in spring of 2016 on my mother’s birthday (needless to say she was absolutely ecstatic) and the world became my oyster. I moved to Virginia Beach and lived with an old friend from high school and that’s when I met my husband. To be exact, we met at the movies (which so happens to be our favorite hobby to do together today). I’ll give you three guesses as to which movie we met…. okay I’m going to tell you anyway. Before we even knew each other, we came to find out this night that we are both huge nerds especially with cinema. We met at the premiere weekend of Doctor Strange, and to this day is one of my husbands (if not his only) favorite Marvel movie. *If you haven’t seen any Marvel movies, I would highly suggest it especially during this quarantine—what else do you have to do? *

We have been through it all together, the highs and lows, and just celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary (yaaay raise your glass!). We had the most amazing honeymoon in Greece which I HIGHLY recommend to all-and not just for you honeymooners. After our two weeks in absolute paradise, it was interrupted when we returned home. My husband was an enlisted man in the U.S. Navy and when we returned home from our honeymoon, we had to say goodbye. If anyone has a significant other or if they themselves are in the military, my heart goes out to you and I thank you for your service. Having to say goodbye to a loved one when they deploy is one of the hardest things one can do. However, life is full of highs and lows and once he came home, we had an amazing high. After six years in the military and two deployments, we said goodbye and retired from the military life and took a long road trip cross country (I’ll save the deets on the road trip for another day). After two months of living in hotels and a car, we finally settled down in the beautiful town Charlottesville, VA and I could not be happier. I absolutely love and adore my husband; he is the best partner in life I could have ever asked for and I hope everyone is able to find someone that completes them as he completes me.

I will be telling lots of stories that are within this basic guideline of my life and go into further detail into a lot of highlights above. I did just want to give some basic info about me, and if you’re reading this, I would love to hear from you. If you have anything that you can relate to or would like to chime in on, please feel free to either comment or shoot me an email. Especially during a time like this, we may feel a little isolated and lonely. Now is the time where we should come together as an online community, where we can connect to people who we never knew, and act as that support. I feel fortunate I have a little family of my own, my husband and my almost four-year-old beagle mix Harper, as a support system however I know that there are lots of people who are not as lucky. I just want you to know that I want to act as that support for you, if you’re having a bad day or just need to vent. That’s what I want this blog to be for you, I want this to be a place where you can come to if you need support or just need to feel a part of something. I hope you all have an amazing day and stay safe <3.

I’ll be there for you…. because you’re there for me too.”


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