Mele Kalikimaka Ma Julai

"Mele Kalikimaka Is The Thing To Say"....

I love a good Hawaiian Christmas song, but you know what's even better? Having a Hawaiian themed Christmas party in July! I've never been one to celebrate Christmas in July, however I thought this year was the perfect time to start this tradition. As everyone else, we've been going through a pretty hard time and as I said in last week's post, sometimes it's hard to look on the bright side. So this year, I thought what better way to help lighten our moods and have something to plan and look forward to than a Christmas in July party!

This week's post is going to be a little bit different, as I don't think there's any certain way to create the perfect party, as long as it's perfect to you! I thought I'd share a lot of pictures that I took during our little party and share what we did. Unfortunately, we are still social distancing so our party just consisted of our little family, however in my opinion those are the best types of parties when they're spent with those you care about most.

Our party was very simple and cost effective! First off, don't spend any extra money purchasing any extra Christmas stuff (unless it's a summer xmas tank). Utilize your own decorations and throw your own spin on it. Whether it be listening to Hawaiian Christmas music and drinking summer cocktails out on your deck (which is what we did), or hanging out on the beach in your santa hats! The key is to make it your own 😊.


You can't have a Christmas in July morning without a Christmas breakfast! That morning when we woke up, we made some AMAZING vegan savory waffles (which I plan on sharing that recipe very soon!). I can't think of one Christmas morning where we didn't have a delicious breakfast that included either waffles or pancakes. Since March, my husband and I have become vegetarian (which I wrote about our initial conversion and you can read about here) and now we've been dibble dabbling into the world of veganism. Those of you may be wondering how a vegan waffle could taste good, but let me tell you these were the bomb dig. Years ago, I made these savory rosemary and cheese waffles and I thought they would be the perfect waffles to make! Unfortunately I couldn't find the exact recipe (plus they weren't vegan so I would have had to find a new recipe anyway), so I improvised. I found a vegan recipe on Google and then to make it my own, I went outside to grab some of our rosemary and then added some soy cheddar cheese.

Heart-Warming Movies

While we ate our breakfast, we watched some of our favorite Christmas movies! We all have our own special favorite, for some people theirs is A Christmas Story while others love It's A Wonderful Life. For us, we first played Elf, followed by Home Alone, and then The Santa Clause. In between movies, we took a nice little break with some summer cocktails while listening to Hawaiian Christmas music out on our back deck.


Your pets deserve to celebrate too, get them involved! We're not one to dress up our dog, however when we saw these antlers in a pet store years ago we couldn't refuse!

Capture The Memories

Lastly, make sure you capture those memories on camera. We don't know how long we have here on this Earth so it's important to be sure you get as many pictures as you can to look back on all the happy memories 😊

This ties in with my last week's post (which if you haven't read you can read here), this virus has done a lot of damage in more way than one. Our economy is taking a big hit while our overall health (including mental) is increasingly declining. Now is the time to love and support one another and if that means celebrating Christmas, the time of love and giving, then I say throw a party. If you would like to celebrate it with people who you are not around on a regular basis, then you could either have it outside and socially distance, hold a zoom party, or maybe bake some cookies and mail them to your friends and loved ones. It's a very hard and trying time, and with this we've had to learn to adapt. Will we need to do this forever? I don't know and I really hope not, however it's beneficial for us to try to make best out of the situation in any way we can even though it's hard. And with that, I would like to end by wishing you a Mele Kalikimaka.

Christmas my child, is love in action
Dale Evans

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