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So one thing I've come to realize about myself during the pandemic is I'm becoming the crazy plant lady and let me tell you, we are becoming more prominent than the crazy cat ladies. Now you're probably wondering, "what does a crazy plant lady entail?" Well, it means you're pondering spending over $100 on a potter in addition with a $50 plant....that's what being the crazy plant lady means. Now, not all plants and potters are this expensive. If you go to a boujee or sometimes local home goods store these items tend to be a bit overpriced, however local nurseries and green houses normally aren't this bad. Today, I won't be talking about where to go to get plants (however I highly recommend local), rather discuss a very similar topic that I wrote about recently. A couple of weeks ago, I discussed different ways to handle and deal with stress (which you can read about here), and one of those techniques is the use of plants in the home. In this post, I talked about how the use of color and life can help the brain de-stress as well as keep you healthy by cleaning the air around you and aid in other health ailments. Today I'll be promoting the exact same information as well as talk about different types of plants for beginners to add to your home. 😊

Spider Plant

Gosh dang, if this plant is not considered the easiest plant to manage, I'm not sure what is. As big of a plant person I am, I wouldn't say I have a "green thumb". 8 times out of 10, my plants die on me and I believe it's because I over water them. Who would have thought too much love could kill a plant?! I find if I accidentally over water these guys or maybe forget to water them, they still carry on! I mean....look at this monster of a thing! The great thing about these plants is that they help clean the air (which is great if you have pets at home) and they grow little seedlings so you can share the love with your neighbors!


These plants I would consider second easiest plant to have; you can certainly over water these little guys and they do require some form of light. Some succulents require direct sunlight, however these green guys up top can thrive perfectly well indoors, just as long as you have them by indirect sunlight or in a brightly lit room 😊 The biggest thing about succulents (and something I didn't realize until recently) is to make sure their home has a drainage system. A lot of people are now into terrariums and I think they're beautiful, however they're not the best homes for succulents. I found this out the hard way when I made my own terrarium for a succulent I purchased; I added in some river stones to create a base/foundation and then added in my succulent which was already rooted in soil. It lasted for a while, but then it started to shrivel and dry out. I thought maybe I didn't water it enough so I over-watered it, making sure it reached down to the roots and unfortunately it never recovered. I just recently cleaned out the terrarium and let me tell you, it was not a pretty sight or smell. The stones were holding all the water at the bottom and mold was spreading all over. 🤢 I researched it and came to find out that succulents require a drainage system. You don't need to water them every day, but when you do water them you make sure they're WATERED, yet are able to drain out any excess water. This is information that I will definitely keep for next time (hopefully I can keep these little guys alive-so far so good!). Honestly, I think succulents are my favorite type of plant, I mean come on look how cute they are! 😍

Snake and Ficus Plants


To be honest, I don't know a whole lot about snake plants (this little guy is actually my first one) but I do know they do not require to be watered on a daily or weekly basis. In fact, it's best if these guys dry out in between waterings. As long as they have some indirect sunlight and you rotate them around on a weekly basis then this little dude is happy! In addition to the spider plant, these guys also help clean out the air of different toxins!


This big guy was actually picked out by my husband when we were shopping for different plants and he definitely brings some color and life to our little yoga space! As the others listed above, this guy needs medium to bright indirect sunlight and also needs to be rotated. They develop little brown spots on their leaves which that is completely normal no need to worry, when they start to develop them I normally just rotate the plant. They do tend to get busy so if they get a little too big for you, you can trim off the excess. With ficus' it's important to make sure the soil is moist, not too wet and not completely dried out. A good rule of thumb is to take your finger and if the first inch of soil is dry, then time to water!


Foliage is just a great way to add in some extra color into your plant life and decor (just as I did with our bar cart). You can find these beauts just about anywhere, I found this guy at Target for I believe $9. When you first bring them home, don't be surprised if the bottom leaves start to shrivel and die, as long as the top ones stay perky then you're good! As I do with the ficus, I usually test the soil to determine if it needs to be watered; if it feels pretty dry then I water, if the soil still feels moist then I let it alone for a couple more days. Make sure these guys also have light and rotate them so it gets equal light all around (or else the colorful leaves will start to fade).


As you can see...there's no lilac here. The reason why there's no lilac there is because I accidentally killed it, so for this plant instead of telling you what to do, I'm going to tell you what NOT to do. First off, these plants need light so make sure they're in a well lit room or are receiving some form of indirect sunlight. Second off, the kitchen is DEFINITELY NOT the place to keep them. Growing my lilac went completely great, it started to spud and then it bloomed into a beautiful purple flower! Unfortunately, after about a month or two, it started to die and I couldn't figure out why. I first thought I wasn't watering it enough so I would give it some more water yet nothing was happening. I finally put two and two together, I had this plant sat right next to the stove top and the cooking oil and smoke killed it. What made me feel worse is our sweet neighbor gave us this little one 😥 On a brighter note it's still spudding some nice greenery so instead of throwing it away I moved it away from the stove top and into a more well lit area and it's doing great! Plus, I couldn't throw it away because I had ordered this cute little poker for it! I mean come adorable is that?! You can find this one and more on The Sill as well as other different types of plants that are delivered right to your door!


Orchids are a beautiful, tropical flower that are absolutely perfect that can also add that touch of color to your living space! These beauties love their sunlight so it's super important that you give them lots of love and keep them in a brighter room or a room with indirect sunlight. Since they are a tropical flower, they can also thrive in humid climates so if your bathroom has some indirect sunlight in it, the happier your plant will be. If your bathroom doesn't have any indirect sunlight or is a typically dark room, no sweat you can place it in another room for half of the day.

Faux Plants

I couldn't start this post off with faux plants, I feel that would have been too easy and would have taken the initial fun out of this post. However even I can't deny that faux greenery is a lifesaver! For those of you who may be too nervous yet to try their hand at their own green thumb, no sweat! After numerous failed attempts at keeping previous plants alive, I was becoming frustrated and didn't even want to look at a plant ever again. I went to Target one day, stumbled upon this beaut in the home section, and didn't even think twice about it. So if you're someone who actually gets even more stressed with keeping plants alive in their home, faux plants are an awesome sub! These guys are great for any awkward corners of your home that may not be well lit but you just need something there.


Lastly, I want to talk about herbs. Herbs? You don't normally keep herbs inside do you? No, at least not me, however I think herbs are a great plant to have in your garden especially basil and mint. Pictured above I have two different types of basil (two tall guys on the left are citrus basil and the shorter guys on the right are regular basil). Honestly, nothing beats fresh herbs; once you start using them in your cooking, you're never going to want to buy store bought herbs and seasoning again. The other really cool thing about herbs is you can grow some herbs together in the same pot. I'd definitely do some research before potting seven different types of herbs in one pot; some do not co-inhabit well with others due to moistness of the soil and some herbs, like mint, are invaders and prefer to live alone.

I hope this post finds you well and that you learned a new thing about plants today! Take care and always peace and love ❤ ✌

All of the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today
Chinese Proverb

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