Road Trip Series: Austin, TX

There were some smaller cities that we stopped in-between NOLA and our next destination spot, however this is one of our most memorable experiences so I just want to jump right into this one and talk about Austin! I honestly can't even describe Austin, it's unlike any other city that I have been to. Their city culture is so cool, with lots history, music, and places to chill and hang out with a bev or some snacks. One of my favorite places was the dueling piano bar! We hung out in the loft hovering above the duelers, you can see from the photo below.

Austin is also the city where we went to the Alamo Cinema Drafthouse for the first time, which ironically enough is where the Alamo was born! At the time, Joker with Joaquin Phoenix had just been released and we were DYING to go see it, so that was was our first time ever at the Alamo Cinema Drafthouse and I could not have asked for a better first time experience! If you're not familiar with the Alamo Drafthouse, it's a movie theater founded in Austin in 1997 that serves both food and alcohol. They're a fun experience however their biggest rule (which I'm in favor of because I can't stand this) is you cannot talk, if you're too loud and have had complaints from other theater goers, you will be asked to leave.

Another great chain that was founded in Austin is the famous Torchy's Tacos and when I say famous, I mean it! Before our road trip, we told people some of our biggest destination spots that we wanted to hit with Austin being one of them and EVERYONE told us we needed to go to Torchy's Tacos. At first I was getting a little annoyed that this was the only thing people kept telling us that we absolutely had to do when we visited Austin but after going and tasting their tacos, I've joined this bandwagon and will tell everyone that I meet who wants to go to Austin to go to Torchy's Tacos.'s seriously that good! I don't know how to explain it, their flavors are just that on point! In addition with the best taco place in the southwest, there are also lots of food trucks with some more amazing tex-mex cuisine!

In addition with some delicious tex-mex, we also stumbled upon some delicious ice cream from Yummi Joy that also included ice cream for dogs, which Harper greatly appreciated but had her eyes on my ice cream (and successfully got after the below picture 😂).

Not only does Austin have great culture and fun things to do, they have a lot of history including musical and history of the city itself. Two big figures that are commemorated in Austin are Willie Nelson and Angelina Eberly. Now everyone knows who Willie Nelson is, and honestly when I went to Austin for my first time and saw statues of this famous musician I thought he recently passed away and it just flew over my head. To my relief is was and is still alive! This shows the city's passion for music and musicians, even though Willie Nelson is not from Austin (rather from Abbott which is a little under two hours away) the city still honors this icon.

On Congress Avenue, there's a statue of a woman about to light up a cannon aimed towards the street; this woman is Angelina Eberly. Angelina Eberly is a prominent figure in the history of Austin, often referred to as the "savior of Austin" and is the reason why Austin remains the capital of Texas today. According to, in 1842 Angelina fired a cannon in the General Land Office Building to prevent a theft being committed by the Governor of Texas, Sam Houston, who was attempting to move the Texas archives from Austin to Houston to hopefully make Houston the capital of Texas. Needless to say, his efforts backfired and Austin remained the capital of Texas. ( Wow, what a woman!

Austin is just an incredibly beautiful, celebratory city full of culture and night life along with a quieter side of lovely parks and trails right outside the city. I really hope I find myself back in Austin one day, would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone to go visit!

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