Road Trip Series: Colorado

I was most excited to go to Colorado due to their beautiful views and awesome trails/hikes. I can't even describe the landscapes and mountains in this state, it's too gorgeous to describe and unfortunately, even our pictures don't do it justice. Nestled in the mountains at the foot of the Rocky's and less than two hours away from Boulder lies the quaint city of Colorado Springs, which is where we were during our stay in Colorado. We stayed in a beautiful Air B&B right outside the main strip, close by lovely shops and restaurants. On our first full day, there was beautiful 70-75 degree weather so we took advantage of it and went on great hikes with absolutely gorgeous mountain views. Oddly enough, even with it being a beautiful fall day lots of locals were coming up to us informing that we were expecting a great snow storm the following day, so good thing we took advantage of those hikes that day! The biggest hikes we did the day before the snowstorm were the Red Rock Canyon and the Lower Columbine Trail. Out of these two hikes, Red Rock Canyon was definitely my favorite due to its absolutely gorgeous views and large, open areas to explore. We loved it so much that the day after our big snowstorm, we went back and found a huge dog park with lots of open space for dogs to roam around and explore. I will admit, we did get incredibly nervous as we let Harper go because....well Red Rock Canyon is called red rock for a reason and Harper blends in incredibly well. We only lost her twice! 😂

Red Rock Canyon

Lower Columbine Trail

The night after our first full day of hikes, we went back to our AirBnB, freshened up, and hit up the town. We went to this restaurant that honestly, you would have to look at incredibly closely to find it. It's called "The Rabbit Hole" and it honestly felt as if we were going down a rabbit hole for it looks as if you're in New York going down to the subway. What the coolest part about this restaurant was that wasn't just a name they gave to an underground restaurant, they marketed towards that name with an Alice in Wonderland themed atmosphere along with dishes based off the fairytale. I'm currently practicing veganism, however last year during our road trip I had no dietary restrictions, holy cow guys, let me tell you they had the BEST bacon wrapped rabbit meatloaf. As I typed that, it does feel as if that's an artery clogging, heart attack on a plate but gosh dang that was absolutely delicious. If you're ever in the Colorado Springs area and dine at "The Rabbit Hole", I'd highly recommend that dish.

The following day was the snowstorm and this felt incredibly special compared to other snowstorms for it was Harper's first snowstorm. The first winter we had her was shortly after we adopted her and unfortunately we did not receive any snow that year. At first, she was incredibly cautious to see these white, cold specks falling around, however once it started to set on the ground she went absolutely crazy running around in it.

Unfortunately, we only spent three days here and did not get a chance to visit other Colorado cities such as Boulder, however those three days were some of the biggest highlights from our trip. If you're into nature hikes and gorgeous mountain views and going down into "The Rabbit Hole", then Colorado Springs is the town for you.

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Colorado is an oasis, an otherworldly mountain place.
Brandi Carlile
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