Road Trip Series: San Diego

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We finally made it to our biggest destination spot on our road trip! San Diego baby! My husband was stationed in San Diego during his time in the military and it was (and still is) his favorite place on Earth and honestly, after visiting I'd have to say it's one of mine as well (very close second to Hawaii for me). Our stay in San Diego was one of our longest on our trip since it was one of our biggest destination spots, and it still wasn't a long enough stay for me. I guess it's all the more reason to go back and visit! There were honestly so many highlights from the trip, from the cozy AirBnB we stayed in, to the beaches and hikes, and the gaslamp district, I can't think of anything that we didn't enjoy!

Definitely one of the most beautiful parts was Coronado Island. This was the first place we stopped, and for good reason. The idyllic beaches, stunning architecture, and great restaurants make this island a go to when you visit San Diego. One of our favorite restaurants that we went to was the Mexican restaurant called Miguels Cocina, which had some of the best tacos I've ever had in my life!

Another big highlight of the trip was our hike at Potato Chip Rock! 7.6 miles, 2112 feet of elevation, and two hours later we made it all the way to the top to get the famous picture on the potato chip! It was a grueling hot day and when we got to the top we ran out of water, thankfully we met some super friendly people at the top and they offered us some of their water (this was pre-Covid btw). We took Harper with us and as we were hiking, both of us were incredibly nervous how she would do, if she would actually make it or if we would have to turn around and carry her back to the starting point, but she did it like a champ! The hike took almost four hours, we came in at three hours and 45 minutes, and it was one of the most beautiful hikes I've ever done!

If you have a dog who loves the water, San Diego's dog beach is the perfect place for you and your pet! My husband and I didn't even swim, yet we were there for a little more than three hours just watching Harper run around stomping in the water, chasing and running away from the waves, and playing with other puppies and tennis balls.

One of the most unique places in San Diego to go to that I've never seen in any other city is Balboa Park. What makes this park stand out from others is that it's completely surrounded by several different types of museums! They have cultural, botanical gardens (as pictured below), science, and several other museums you have to make a day for! Unfortunately since we had Harper we were not allowed to enter a lot of the museums except for the natural one, but this gives us an excuse to venture back.

The gaslamp district is the central hub of San Diego filled with several different restaurants and bars and actual gaslamps lighting your way up and down the street. Our all time favorite bar in San Diego was a speakeasy called Noble Experiment. As I said before, my husband used to live in San Diego a couple years prior to our trip, and raved about this place and even he had a hard time remembering where to find it. I can't recall exactly where this speakeasy is (and part of me wants to keep it secret and not look it up to keep it special), so if you're ever in San Diego I would highly recommend looking up and searching for this bar. When you initially walk in, you go down a hallway and then you're stopped at a hostess desk with a big red sign with the bar's name. As you're allowed in, you're brought into this narrow back room and on one side you have the bar with bottles of liquor scaling up the wall, and on the other side the wall is completely covered in skulls. Along with the atmosphere, this bar had really cool styled drinks and cocktails, ten out of ten would recommend!

One thing my husband and I love to do is explore different cafes, tea, and coffee shops and our favorite was Cafe Moto. The name proceeds its expectations for this groovy haunt is motorcylce themed so all you bikers that are out there would absolutely love this place! On the first level of this coffee house is the barista and as your go to your left and down the hall there's a lower level with a giant gift shop filled with merchandise and ground and whole coffee beans! Best part is, they're also dog friendly!

San Diego is the best city in the world.
Eric Weddle

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