Road Trip Series: Universal Orlando

A year ago was a very different time: people going out on the town, hosting big family gatherings and parties, and movies were booming on Friday and Saturday nights. This time last year, my husband and I went on the greatest adventure of our lives (so far) and since we're all experiencing high rates of the travel bug, I thought I'd look back and share our adventure with you and have a virtual vacation. My newly-wed husband just returned home from his second deployment, was about to go to be honorably discharged from the military, and it was finally time for us to celebrate being together. We had it planned out for years, and it was finally time for us to enjoy our plan: cross country road trip.

First Stop: Universal Orlando

On our way to Universal

Our first stop in our road trip was actually a belated birthday gift from my husband. My husband grew up in Florida and had the amazing childhood experiences of attending Universal Studios. When I told him that I had never been, he wanted to change that, so at the age of 25 I went to Universal for the first time with my husband and in-laws. It was fall, so the Halloween Horror Nights were in. The first night, the majority of the rides were closed for Halloween Horror and in place they had about five haunted houses that were all cinema/TV themed. They had houses such as Ghostbusters, Stranger Things, and just one plain haunted house with your typical scary things such as clowns and ghosts. We went to a couple of houses and on a couple of rides, my favorites being The Mummy, Spiderman, and Fast and Furious. After a couple of hours walking through houses and going on rides, my husband and I decided to grab a late dinner. The next morning, I woke up and spent it not the way that I had hoped.

If you've ever had food poisoning before, it's one of the worst and most uncomfortable feelings you'll ever have. I woke up and immediately got sick; I was so upset but decided I wasn't going to let it affect my time here. Who knows, maybe the worst is behind me? My husband and I took the short boat ride from our room at the Hard Rock Hotel (oh yeah, the Hard Rock!) to the park. Today's schedule was Harry Potter World, which I was SUPER stoked about. As soon as we got there, we stood in line to grab some butter beer, I was trying to make it as long as I could but then I started to get dizzy. Unfortunately, I got sick again and that was the last straw, so we took the boat back to the hotel and I slept for the remainder of the day. Thankfully by dinner time I was finally feeling better and we met up with my husband's family for dinner (which I ate very lightly).

The next day was the day, I went back Harry Potter World (in much better condition) and was able to enjoy it. We went on a couple of rides and I finally had the famous butter beer, which holy cow the "homemade recipes" that are out there are nothing close to the real thing.

In addition to Harry Potter World, we also hit up some other areas of the park such as Jurassic Park and Marvel's Super Hero Island. One of the most memorable rides for sure was the Jurassic Park ride with a special surprise T-Rex at the very end.

Overall, I had so much fun at Universal, even going as an adult. It really brings out the inner child in you and reminds you to let go and be free, maybe let out an inner scream and laugh. I hope to see Universal Studios again.

Here are some more pictures from the trip below.

Life, uh, finds a way.
Ian Malcolm (Jurassic Park)

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