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Did you know that there is one area of health that everyone should be investing in on a daily basis? It's your skin care. I've always been into skin care, however I had been pretty basic when it came to it. My routine consisted of "double cleansing"- taking off make up and then cleansing my skin with a cleanser. That's it. ( I put double cleanse in quotation marks above, there's a reason and I'll explain that later). Since the start of quarantine, I've been doing TONS of research into skin care and wow I've learned so many new things to include and better yet, things to remove and not include in your routine. This week, I wanted to take the time to share the biggest things I've learned, what I've taken out of my skin care routine, and what I've added to it. Stick around until the end because I will post the links of products mentioned in this post if you're interested in trying them. Disclaimer, this is not an affiliate posting, I just wanted to help those who need help in finding good skin care products by throwing out some options🤍.

Makeup Wipes

So as mentioned before, I would "double cleanse" my skin every day. The reason why I put quotation marks around it is because I was doing this step COMPLETELY wrong. My version of double cleansing was to use makeup heard me right, and then go in with a cleanser to wipe away any excess dirt and makeup. After doing my research into skin care, I learned that makeup wipes are a big no-no. Highly recommended to avoid. The reason why makeup wipes are so bad is for two reasons: 1) they are very harsh and abrasive to the skin, dragging it as you wipe it across your face and this can lead to wrinkles and faster aging (who wants to age faster?! I know this girl doesn't); and 2) they are HORRIBLE for the environment as they add more waste. So please, if you're like me who had no idea how horrible makeup wipes are please ditch them. Of course if you still have them use them, however use them to clean your makeup brushes as opposed to your skin. Once they're gone, break up with them and never take them back.


What? You ditched scrubs? Yes, yes I did and it wasn't a hard break up either. I used to loved scrubs when I was in middle school because they made my skin feel so tight and clean after use. I haven't used them in such a long time, no particular reason I honestly forgot about them. During quarantine, I learned about the purpose for scrubs and what type of treatment it is considered. First off, scrubs are used to help exfoliate the skin and if you're not sure what exfoliation means, you're not alone because for the longest time I didn't either. (Honestly feels like I've been living under a rock for most of my life). Exfoliation is the process of getting rid of any dead skin cells on your face. While exfoliation is an amazing step in a routine, scrubs are not the best option. Scrubs are considered to be a physical exfoliant which means there are physical products added to help take off the dead skin cells on your face. Examples of physical exfoliant products include sugar, coffee, and even walnut shell scrubs (iiiick). These products are aggressive, irritating, harsh, and can even over-exfoliate the skin if used too often. Over-exfoliation? This is when healthy skin cells are attacked and this is something you DO NOT want because it can lead to damage. Hearing all of this honestly turned me away from scrubs forever, however that's just me. If you really enjoy scrubs and if they have done wonders for your skin, keep them in your routine however do not use daily. Instead, treat yourself to a nice spa day with a scrub once per week.

Oil Cleanser

To replace the makeup wipes I started to go in with an oil cleanser. I absolutely love oil cleansing, it really helps to break-up any makeup/excess dirt/sebum before you go in with the cleanser and wash it all away. In addition to doing a better job at removing make-up than wipes, it helps reduce waste and save the environment so honestly these products are a win-win. Currently I've been using the Tatcha Pure One Step Camelia Cleansing Oil. It's a little expensive at $48, however it does last a long time (I bought this in late March, early April and still using it) and I believe it's worth it for the money.


1) Chemical Exfoliants

Whoa hold up, you put chemicals on your face? I do because these types of chemicals are safe and meant to be put on your face to help push out any extra dirt/oil, get rid of any acne scarring, and really help brighten your face! I started off with The Ordinary's Lactic Acid 10% + HA serum and this is a great starter for first time chemical exfoliant users in my opinion. It's so incredibly gentle on your skin and absorbs so quickly that you wouldn't even notice you applied it to your face. Personally I think it's a little too gentle for me for I have a lot of so once I'm finished with this product I'll be moving on to something a little higher in concentration. If you're someone like me who's new to chemical exfoliation but unsure where to start, I highly recommend this product! Plus, The Ordinary is super reasonably priced for having such amazing ingredients, this product was only $6.80. Honestly if you need further convincing, I don't know what will because this is such an amazing product and brand.

2) Retinols

Yes, yes I know what some of you may be saying, "Retinols are for older people to help with anti-aging"; "You're too young to be using retinols, worry about that when you're older!". Well, how about instead of worrying about it when I'm older, I take precautions now and help slow down the aging process early? In my opinion, I don't think anyone is too young (aside from young children who haven't hit puberty yet) to be using retinols, now I don't use it every day to give my skin some breathing room but I use this product a couple of times per week and I've really seen some great improvements in my skin! I highly recommend CeraVe's Skin Renewing Retinol Serum. This product is also super light weight and acts in part as a moisturizer. Another great retinol that I used was The Inkey List Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative Moisturizer. Another super amazing product that acts in part as a moisturizer and is reasonably priced at less than $10.


I have normal-oily skin, so I never thought that I would require a moisturizer, however when you think about it your skin care products that you use for any treatments (spot treatments, exfoliants, etc) can be drying. To help combat any future drying and flaking, you have to moisturize.


I was one of those people who would only wear sunscreen when I went to the beach, and even then I would wait around 20 minutes to get a "base tan" and then I would apply sunscreen. However, after doing some research I really started to think about and consider the importance of wearing sunscreen every day. The sun is still the sun, regardless of location, and it's still spewing out harmful UV rays that can damage and age your skin. Even if I'm just going to walk my dog, I now put on sunscreen. In addition, with the above listed treatment products they do sensitize your skin to the sun so it is HIGHLY recommended to wear sunscreen while using those products and most other treatments.

I have learned so many new things over the past couple of months since the start of quarantine and it's been so fun to try out these new products! Now, my routine is completely different and though all my steps are listed in order as above, I thought I would reiterate and give a quick/condensed version.

1) Oil based cleanser or micellar water to remove any makeup

2) Cleanser (I've been using my homemade cleanser, which if you haven't read my post on it you can here)

3) Treatments

4) Moisturizer

5) Sunscreen

Skin care doesn't need to be a long, drawn out 10 step process in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, it's fun to give yourself a full spa day and apply products to your face, however you don't need to do this every day. Not only is it suffocating to your skin to do that many steps every day, it can also get very pricey because you'll run out of the products faster and have to purchase them quicker. My skin has honestly been incredibly happy and content with this simple five step process above 😊.

I'm a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won't need a lot of makeup.
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