Top 7 DIY Quarantine Health & Beauty Tips

Being in quarantine is hard, especially for us ladies who like to go out and get pampered at our local salon. I've seen so many meme's and GIFS about what society is going to look like after we're out of quarantine, but you know what, it doesn't have to be like that! I've put together my biggest DIY health and beauty tips for you girls (and some for men as well) during this time so you can still feel as beautiful as ever!

1. Facials

It’s important to keep your face clean and healthy, ESPECIALLY now! CDC and WHO strongly recommend to not touch your face to avoid bacteria getting into your eyes, nose, and mouth, however this is incredibly difficult. Even I forget at times and catch myself scratching my face while I’m at the grocery store. That’s why its so important to wash your face on a regular basis (twice per day) and incorporate a nice spa day with a facial every now and then. If you dig around, you might find a hidden Target facial treasure in your bathroom cupboards. If you currently don’t have any facial treatments, I also highly recommend using Frankincense oil. You just put two to three drops on your face and it keeps your skin feeling smooth and fresher than ever!

2. Nails

Our nails! One of the saddest parts for me is not being able to go get my nails done. The whole experience of massage, oiled up, and an amazing yet sometimes painful nail cleaning. Now our nails are starting to get in pretty rough shape with all of the hand washing and sanitizing, it strips away the protein in your beautiful nails! Do not fret, there are ways to keep your nails dolled up at home! My one biggest tip would be to be sure you’re taking your daily vitties! I highly recommend Olly Vitamin Gummies, they make them for both men and women and are stock-full of all the important nutrients you need AND they make your nails go from drab to fab! My second biggest tip would be nail serums. This quick at home serum is incredibly easy and only requires two ingredients. With a cotton ball, take 1/4tsp of olive oil with two droplets of tea tree oil and massage into each nail. To make sure it’s officially soaked in, I take my hands together and rub it in (it also does incredibly work for your hands!).

3. Hair

Not washing your hair every day is key, it strips away of the essential oil from your scalp that assists in keeping your hair shiny and healthy. On days that you do not wash your hair, however it needs a little extra kick, I highly recommend dry shampoo and mirah oil! You take half dropper full of mirah and apply to the mid strand to the ends of your hair. When you do wash your hair, use colder water as opposed to hot water to avoid any damage. It does not need to be freezing cold water, it could even be room temperature, just make sure it’s not scolding hot. After washing it, I suggest allowing it to air dry. Hair dryers are incredibly helpful, however unless you’re using cold air (which I highly doubt since it makes you even colder) it does damage your hair; towel drying is no help either, it would do almost the same amount of damage as blow drying it. Since quarantine, I’ve been allowing my hair to air dry, I comb my hair out and sit out in the sun and let nature take over. There are certain types of shampoos that are UVA radiation protective against those sun beams and those are what I use before I allow my hair to air dry (OGX is great!).

There are some people who do not have the hair type to allow it to air dry and I completely understand and have another solution for you! If you do not allow your hair to air dry due to frizziness, before you shower take a pea sized amountof coconut oil, massage into your hair, wash it out with water, and then shampoo clean. The coconut oil acts as a conditioner and keeps your hair from frizzing, so you do not need to re-condition your hair after shampoo. Readers beware and make sure it’s a SMALL drop, I myself have made the mistake of putting in too much and it looks as if I haven’t washed my hair in two weeks! No amount of styling or dry shampoo helps, unfortunately if you add too much in, you have to allow it to run its course. If your hair does require blow dry and style, I highly recommend using a hair cream to prevent any damage. One cream I highly recommend is Bonacure Peptide Repair Rescue, just like mirah oil, you apply a small amount to the ends of your hair before you blow dry (I use this before I air dry as well).

**mirah and tea tree oil you can purchase through

4. Shiny Teeth and You

Dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons are currently closed due to the virus so it’s up to us to make sure we keep those pearly whites, well pearly and white. This is a pretty obvious beauty tip, however I cannot stress it enough: brush your teeth twice per day! Go for a toothpaste that helps fight against oral diseases such as gingivitis and cavities and go for a tooth brush that has strong bristles that dig in between teeth. I also recommend utilizing mouth wash, Listerine is highly recommended by dentists and is amazing for fighting against oral disease. Another great mouthwash that aids in teeth whitening is MOON which has been my guilty pleasure currently 🥰.

5. Moisturize

Just like our nails, our hands are taking a huge beating after constant hand washing and sanitizing. That’s why it’s important to moisturize EVERYDAY. Make sure you have lots of body and hand lotion in your home and dish soap that is soft on hands. I prefer Aveeno lotion for it keeps my skin softer for longer and there is a scentless option for those who have heightened sense of smell. It is also important to make sure your face is moisturized as well for the same reason. If you purchased a facial kit, they more than likely hold moisturizers so make sure you apply it to your face.

6. Sinuses

Sometimes it feels like a double whammy, we’re quarantined at home and when we want to go outside for some sanity we’re knocked out by pollen. My sinuses have been so stuffed up lately I’ve had some issues going to sleep, so I started using a netty pot and it’s been a gift from God! Netty pot is great for cleaning out all the yucky stuff that’s been clogging your sinuses and it’s aiding in getting rid of any bacteria that could get us sick! Several health organizations have come out and stated it’s important to keep your sinuses clean during this time since the virus seems to be primarily spread through respiratory droplets, so let’s keep those sinuses clean people!

7. Hydration

Lastly, keep your body hydrated with plenty of water. Not only does keeping hydrated fight against disease, it also helps keep your internal and external organs clean. Having a glass of water first thing in the morning also helps the body and the organs wake up and function properly so I highly suggest having a glass of water before you have anything else in the morning.

I hope these tips were helpful and remember it's not about looking the best, it's about feeling your best. Stay beautiful! Peace and love 🕊💕

"There is a kind of beauty in imperfection"
Conrad Hall

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