Vegan Shepherd's Pie

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Yupp, you read that title right! A VEGAN shepherd's pie! That exists? It sure does!

Shepherd's pie is an Irish-American staple, especially during the month of March when anyone and everyone is Irish. For a healthier alternative, I whipped up my own shepherd's pie on a whim and it turned out fantastic! Since I haven't done a recipe post in so long, I thought it was time to share one and what better time to share one than now!



- six small/medium sized potatoes

- one tbsp vegan butter (we used Earth Balance)

- half cup to one cup soy milk (other plant based milk is good too-this is the one we worked with)

- five cloves of minced garlic

- one white onion

- one package of frozen peas

- one cup of shredded carrots

- two 16 oz packages of Beyond Meat (you can use any beef alternative-this is just our favorite)

- one/two bottles of stout (of your choice)

-salt & pepper to taste (or use seasoning of choice-we used a blend of different spices)

- Two pie plates


- 1 tsp flour

- Water


-Preheat oven to 415 degrees

-Bring water to a boil in a large pot, while heating peel the potatoes; once potatoes are peeled, put potatoes on their side and cut in half on a cutting board, then take each half and quarter. Once the water is boiled, put the quartered potatoes in the water and cook until tender (for me it took around ten minutes). If the potatoes are irregularly shaped-that's ok, just be sure to check the bigger pieces for they will take longer to cook. Once cooked, strain and run under cold water-set aside.

- Grease a large fry pan and set aside, on the cutting board- peel and mince your five cloves of garlic (or you can use pre-minced garlic-just follow instructions on bottle for how many tsp make a clove). Once garlic is minced, take your white onion and cut in half. Take one of the halves and cut into strips vertically, then cut those strips again horizontally (look below), this I find is the easiest and quickest way to cut onions-shortening the time it will take to bother your eyes. Put the garlic and onion in the fry pan and cook on a low-medium heat until onions are browned (not too brown mind you, for other items will be put in).

- While onions and garlic are browning, take your potatoes and place in food processor (if you have a hand mixer this will work too). Take seasoning of your choice, the vegan butter, and soy milk (we normally don't measure out so we just poured it until our desired amount which was between half cup to one cup-pour in half cup and if more is required use more) and mix in with the potatoes until creamy. Taste for seasoning and texture.

- Once onions and garlic are browned, add in frozen peas and carrots and cook until done.

- While the peas and carrots are cooking, take your beer (we used one beer however if you would like a lot of gravy I would use two) and pour into a pot on low heat and cook out the alcohol for about five-ten minutes (I've never cooked out alcohol before so I had on heat when it started to bubble-alcohol in beer is cooked out on a low heat so don't have the heat on too high!). Once the alcohol is out, add in your meat alternatives, turn the heat on to low-medium, and add seasonings of your choice.

- Once meat and veggies are cooked, add the vegetables to your meat and cook together for about five minutes to combine flavors. Once combined, take a draining spoon and allow the meat mixture to drain of any and all liquid (will save for gravy if desired) and split up evenly in two pie plates. Take your mashed potatoes and evenly spread out between the two pies. Place in the preheated oven for about ten minutes to crisp the top.

- While pies are crisping, take the saved liquid from the meat mixture and combine with 1 tsp of flour and thin out with a tiny bit of water in a saucepan (if you would prefer it thicker, slowly add in more flour, if prefer thinner, then add in water until desired thickness/thinness). Simmer on a low heat until the pies are done.

- Once everything is finished, take a pie server and cut desired slice, drizzle gravy on top, and enjoy!

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